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LTTA Report

Teams arrived on Sunday 4th and students went with their families. On Monday 5th, after the welcome at school and a reception at the town hall in Manzanares, students did some ice-breaking activities and team work (The Marshmallow Challenge). On Tuesday, students presented their country to other students. After the presentations, we visited Manzanares Castle and did a trekking in La Pedriza. On Wednesday, we had a Job Interview workshop: first, we saw what makes a good candidate and then students recorded their interviews. Then, we visited Madrid. On Thursday, we visited a goat herd in El Boalo and learnt about new entrepreneurs from old trades. Later, at school we went on with job interviews: choosing the best candidate. After that, students also taught their language to other students. On Friday, we visited the schools. Students had the opportunity to watch the best interviews and completed the questionnaires, teachers met to organize the next visit in Latvia. Then, we went rock climbing. Finally, we had a ceremony to give certificates and had lunch with the families. In the evening, we had a farewell party. On Saturday 10th, teams came back to their countries. 

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