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Project Summary

The project's title is "Our future - our success". It is intended to acquire the entrepreneurial competence, both theoretical knowledge and practical competence for future life while participating actively in non-formal educational activities organised in cooperation with the partner organisations from Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Romania and Spain. Foreign language and ICT skills development are also the main tasks in this project. The project includes students aged 13-16 years old, teachers, parents and local community as well as students with special needs ( 120 students and 60 teachers as direct beneficiares and 1500 students with their parents, 120 teachers and other people from the local community as indirect beneficiaries). The main project objectives are: creation of practical contexts that develop entrepreneurial competences, the participants' personal and professional development with a view to proper job selection and insertion through workshops, meetings with businessmen, improving digital competence through preparing multimedia presentations, writing CVs, building the enterprise website, business plan, virtual communication, promoting inter-cultural exchange and dialogue and the development of interpersonal skills through presenting the work done in front of wide public in mother tongue and in English., taking part in the workshops and in non –formal activities, exploring and comparing the schools, curriculum highlighting similarities and differences, discovering  different extracurricular activities and transfering the most interesting and practical into their schools, increasing cooperation between institutions on a local and European level through the exchange of good practices, facing  young people with social inclusion and well being through exploring  and practising cultural similarities and differences in the way of behaviour in certain situations: when applying for a job, the first day at work, when talking to the principal etc. through workshops and roles playing, revising and strenghtening the professional profile of the teaching process share practices and teaching strategies to learn from one another  and  in discovering similarities the teachers` personality will be strengthened. These will be achieved through transcurricular activities that are suitable for making different fields of education meet. Participants will develop resource management skills (human, material, financial, resources), negotiating skills, market needs, and  promotion strategies through learning, teaching and training activities. These  will be done within  short term exchanges of groups of students, travelling with staff and accompanying adults, lasting for seven days as well as activities and tasks to do in each partner school. The main objective of the project is to  transfer knowledge  from theoretical to practical level and European level to local and community level through linking each mobility with the inter-mobility period in which students will apply the knowledge in a practical manner. This will be accomplished with meetings, cultural and sport events, presentations. In order to assure proper project implementation, budget control, monitoring and evaluation there will be transnational project meetings for coordinators. Questionnaires will verify  the impact of the activities on the attitude and knowledge of students, parents  and teachers throughout the project.  The outputs of the project will result from activities implementation. The tangible results will be: project website, project logo, Erasmus+corner, multimedia cultural presentations, useful vocabulary for: writing CVs, letters of recomendation, negotiation, product promotion, business plan, scenarios of role playing about a job interview and negotiations, methodology of workshops. Intangible results will be: the increased participants' competence of entrepreneurship and non-formal education, improved cultural awareness and interpersonal skills, better language and digital skills, improved professional and private cooperation between institutions and people. When showing presentations in fronf of the wide audience, providing workshops, taking part in role playing, students and teachers will develop their confidence and self - value. The experience gained by students  and teachers (direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project) will benefit their academic and personal development and their success in the future on the labour market. This project will have consequences  after the end of the EU funding. students and teachers, based on project resources, will disseminate their knowledge and experience. All resources will be free of access and their dissemination will ensure project sustainability.   The activities undertaken within the two -year project will show that all students, parents and teachers are together regardless of nationality, language, appearance, gender or religion. It will make students' aware about their successful future.

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