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In our school there are 350 students and 30 teachers. The students are from 5 to 16 years old. There are students mostly from the nearest part of the town. 20% of our students live in the country or in other city districts. Most part of our students come from full families with both parents. However, some students live in families with only one parent ( mostly - mums ). Lots of families or family members have gone abroad because of the unemployment, hildren are often left in Latvia with their grandparent or other relatives. There are students with special needs, too. They are provided with an individual studying program. Our school is a centre of the social life of housing estate. We organize charity concerts, sports contests and do the environmential cleaning.  We cooperate with the town library, museum, local newspaper, writers and artists. One of the most important tasks is to develop a youngpers on into creative, open-minded individual.  We pay grea tattention to improving and fulfilling various skills of students. This can be done by cooperating and taking part in different projects – with these projects students will get experience for their further life. They wil limprove their knowlidge of foreign languages and their  ITC skills, will get to know cultural diversity of different countries. We pay great attention to STEM education because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for students'  future success. Our school is ECOSCHOOL. That means that we are working on problems connected with saving the environment.  We have got the green flag and our slogan is " Live healthy, live green." Every year we take part in some practical activities to help to save the environment.  We plant young trees in forests , we collect waste paper in order to recycle it. There are advantages for teachers, too. They strengthen their professional and personal skills. Meeting colleagues from other schools and countries gives the teachers opportunity to learn about different educational systems, to get a new approach in our work. Working on different projects and taking part in different activities develop relationships among the partners (teachers - students).

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