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There  are 24  forms in our school, 12 of primary level and 12 of secondary  and our pupils are between 6 to 15 aged, so they are 650 students in all. The staff involved in teaching are 40 people ,most of them very young, of various school  subjects. Our institution receives children from very different social-economic classes, we have pupils  belonging to social exclusion groups and children whose parents are working abroad, and they are left in grandparents` or some relatives`care. The school  is in a suburban area, the western part of the city, and we have a lot of students who come from the nearby villages. Because of so many political changes and difficult economic situation a lot of people left the country for better jobs  and a better  life, working abroad, leaving their children. These children are brought up by their grandparents or relatives, but they are suffering and missing their parents. Others come from families which have been affected by unemployment,we also have some pupils from two children`s houses but my collegues and a lot of parents try to help these families and kids who are in  need, we often organize charitable campaigns for them. Even though the final school results are good and very good, our students do their best to overcome the social problems because they want to learn more and  have the access to well-paid jobs in all the European countries. Our students are friendly and smart , they know that  studying foreign languages can help them a lot for a better future. Our whole staff do our best to help and make these kids not miss their parents and not neglect school, but it is very difficult without a home support. The main aim of our institution is to stir to action our pupils, to arise their curiosity of what means to be successful in  a future and modern world and to  show them some patterns of achieving  it.

Scoala Gimnaziala Sfanta Treime
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