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Wednesday, October 25th 2017 - Sunday, October 29th 2017


  • Wednesday 25th: all the project partners arrived on Wednesday and were welcomed by the Polish coordinator. Then, we all together had dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Thursday 26th: we met at the hotel in Toruń and were driven to the coordinator's school in Lubicz. First, the school Principal welcomed the partners and showed us around the school premises. It was The US day at school and we could share it with members of the community (students and teachers).


Then we had the first meeting:

Revision of the strong and weak points in the project.

Agreements: home country presentation in all visits; a leaflet of basic vocabulary in mother tongue and English to teach students (to be sent before 24.11.17); to create an Erasmus+ corner in every school.


C1 - Portugal 26.11.17- 02.12.17 - European CVs and letters of application. Workshop on Website, e-twinning and Google forms.

C2- Spain 04.02.18- 10.02.2018 - Job Interview

C3 - Latvia 13.05.2018- 18.05.2018 - Business Plan

2nd TPM- Portugal 17.06.2018- 21.06.2018 First year assessment.

Tasks for the partners

Portugal: project website

Latvia: project logo (submit three proposals before 18.11.)

Romania: surveys (students, teachers and parents)- bring to Latvia May, 15th

Spain: meeting reports


Visits organisation

Before the visits, students should learn the vocabulary and what the task should be. After the visits, they should show their projects to other students, parents and their communities.


Afternoon: sightseeing of Toruń and guided tour by the coordinator. Dinner.


  • Friday 27th: we met at the hotel in Toruń and were driven to the coordinator's school in Lubicz. 

English teaching: teachers form others schools in the area join the group and we discuss different issues about teaching English in the different countries: problems met, possible solutions, 

Then we had the second meeting:


Agreements: we cannot get more dates for mobilities, to Romania and Poland as we do not know the school calendar for 2018-2019.

Documents: there are several documents that will be needed. Before the meeting: Parents' consent (to participate in the program and for pictures); when travelling, health card, insurance, passport or ID and agreement from parents; after the meeting: list of attendance and certificates.

Website: the Portuguese partners show the project website and possible surveys.

Budget agreements: hotels, meals and transfers are to be paid by the visitors; local trips, the cost will be divided and each partner will pay according to the number of participants. When organising, the information about the approximate costs (accommodation, meals...) will be sent a soon as possible.


Afternoon: surprise activity: games to promote cooperation among members the team and have fun. Dinner.


  • Saturday 28th: Meeting: Summary of the work which have to be done and agreements. Answering the questions – discussion.  Lunch and dinner together.


  • Sunday 29th: partners come back to their countries. 

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